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August 10-12, 2017

Ryan LeStrange, Jennifer LeClaire, Rodney Orsborn

Worship featuring:
Kingdom Church & Team

In this gathering, you will be equipped with specific keys to understand and pursue 
The Secret Place, Holy Spirit, and Revelation. Participants will be activated to experience and know
the Person and Presence of God through Teaching, Impartation, and God encounters.

Thursday evening at 7:00pm
Friday morning at 10:00am
Friday afternoon at 2:30pm
Friday evening at 7:00pm
Saturday morning at 10:00am
Speaker Lunch at 1:30pm
Saturday evening at 7:00pm


Holiday Inn Amarillo West Medical Center
8231 Amarillo Blvd West
Amarillo, Texas79124
806-322-4777 | Room Rate $109


$90.00 Single
$120.00 Married Couple
*Speaker Lunch Included.

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Master's Arrow Ministries | P.O. Box 52193 Amarillo,TX 79159 | Mon-Fri 10:00am - 3:00pm | 806-356-0092